Selection of Quebec Skilled Worker or Professional applicants  who wish to  live in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec are  different in such a way that  they have to follow a different set of  rules than applicants who wish to live and settle anywhere in Canada

Since March  20,2012 To Obtain the Qualification as  a  Quebec Skilled Worker is measured primarily through the possession of a valid job offer in Quebec or having experience in a specific area of Training.

Applicants who are successful under the Quebec Immigration selection system are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate CSQ, followed by a Canadian Permanent Resident (Immigration) Visa.

To Obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate, Skilled Worker / Professional applicants must score enough points under the Quebec Immigration selection system below. A single applicant must score at least 49 points based on the criteria below. An applicant with a spouse or common-law must score at least 57 points.

The Quebec Immigration Selection Factors Follows:


Education: Up to 12 points (Cutoff Score = 2 points)

Area of Training: Up to 16 points (Cutoff Score = 6 points)

Employment Offer: Up to 10 points

Word Experience: Up to 8 points

Age: Up to 16 points

Language Proficiency: Up to 22 points

Stay & Family in Quebec: Up to 8 points

Spouse's Characteristics: Up to 16 points

Childern: Up to 8 points

Self Sufficiency in Finance: 1 point (Cutoff Score = 1)


Language test score must be submitted  with immigration applications   as a proof of language proficiency: French DELF & For more information on the approved English ( IELTS )


An additional 6 points may be given upon the interview for Adaptability. With these points awarded, a single applicant must score a minimum of 55 points. An applicant with a spouse or common-law  must score at least 63 points.

Besides all, medical and security examinations conducted by Canadian Government must also be successfully completed by each candidate  to be awarded  a Permanent Visa


Processing Times of Applications
Quebec Skilled Workers / Processing time vary from one Canadian Immigration Visa Office to another.


Processing Fees
Quebec Skilled Workers / Professionals Processing Fees are as follows:

Principal Applicant: 750$

Spoouse, De Facto Spouse: $156

Each Dependent Child: $156


Immigration Method

Incoming applications are accepted on the basis of certain immigration polices, that divides all potential applicants to the QSW program into 3 groups. These 3 groups are based on the student’s type of study, in addition to a selection criteria. They are as follows:

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