Even though it is Canada’s largest province, Québec is bursting with gorgeous scenery, world-class culture and first-rate entertainment. A melting pot of artistic forms originating in Europe and North America, Québec is alive with creative energy. The obvious Francophone cultural pride is displayed in literature, music, theatre, dance, paintings, and sculptures. Quebec welcomes four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Opportunities For Newcomers:


1. Quebec holds home to a vast number of uprising industries, including the professional service industry, healthcare, tourism, scientific research, designing, engineering and many more.

2. Quebec Government is currently the only province to have concluded a comprehensive agreement with the Government of Canada for the purpose of facilitating the formulation, coordination and implementation of immigration policies and programs with respect to the admission of foreign nationals to the province.


IMMIGRANTS: Citizenship obtained after 3 years stay.


Studying in Quebec - Vocational Training: In vocational training, a program involves learning all tasks and operations required to practice a trade. Unlike other forms of high school or theoretical teaching, a vocational training program offers a more hands-on approach in the field of trade, that one is interested in. Skills for a particular trade are developed, to equip a student with experience rather than just theoretical knowledge, in order to easily carry out a ‘real-life’ job in that field of trade.


21 Diverse Economic Sectors: Aerospace, manufacturing, computer technology, food services, tourism and communications are just a few examples of the 21 diverse economic sectors for which vocational training programs exist. According to Mels’ 2008 Relance Statistics, the average gross weekly salary for new DVS graduates working full-time is $ 611 or close to $ 32,000 annually and up 4 % since 2007.

Levels of Vocational Training in Quebec

DVS: stands for the Diploma in Vocational Studies. Designed for an individual to quickly access the labour market, this program is designed to offer a complete, general training in a particular field of study. The length of a DVS varies from 6 to 18 months.

AVS: stands for the Attestation in Vocational Specialization. This level of training opens doors to a speciality, allowing a student to deepen his knowledge in a given trade or meet particular demands in a related work field. AVS is usually shorter in time (3 to 8 months), compared to DVS.



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